cardiostrong Natural Rower Rowing Machine

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Sport-Tiedje Expert Review
cardiostrong Natural Rower machine

cardiostrong Natural Rower machine

  • classic wooden rowing machine
    Elegant, high-quality and just the essentials
  • Built near the water
    Natural rowing experience thanks to inbuilt water tank
cardiostrong Natural Rower Rowing Machine Awards
cardiostrong Natural Rower Rowing Machine a natural training feel

a natural training feel

The water is the most effective and most natural resistance when rowing and, as such, helps you accomplish successful workouts. Thanks to the water burbling and of the motion, training feels like wie on aBoot im water an.
cardiostrong Natural Rower Rowing Machine Minimalist design

Minimalist design

The rowing machine has been reduced to the bare essentials. That way, you won't be distracted during training not and can totally focus on the rowing. Besides, the Natural Rower's minimalist design means it fits well in every living space.
cardiostrong Natural Rower Rowing Machine Top-priority comfort

Top-priority comfort

For especially comfortable workouts the seat of the Natural Rower is ergonomically shaped. It runs on four rubbered wheels over double rails and, as such, also provides for a quiet training noise.
cardiostrong Natural Rower Rowing Machine Everything in view

Everything in view

The clearly laid-out console is easy to use and allows a kickstart in training. Just sit on the rowing machine, take hold of the handle, press Start and get going!
cardiostrong Natural Rower Rowing Machine Gives you hold

Gives you hold

Put your feet onto the footrest, adapt the size and strap in. The harnesses on the stretcher ensure a secure hold at any time. Training feels enjoyable with feet staying hip-width on the footrest.

  • Fundamentally good: water rowing machine with a stylish and stable frame made of wood and steel
  • Just row naturally: water is the most effective (and natural) resistance when rowing
  • Ergonomic sitting position: two rails = closer foot position = better natural posture
  • You determine the intensity: the harder / faster you pull, the higher the resistance.
  • Purist design: the cardiostrong Natural Rower Rowing Machine's design is limited to the essentials, so you can focus on your training
  • Pleasant pulling movement: thanks to a good gear ratio, precisely aligned rudder blades and ball-bearing pulleys
  • Quiet, pleasant sounds as you train: you only hear the noise of the water; even at high intensity, it has a calming effect
  • Slim post-workout figure! Simply fold it up; the wooden rowing machine takes up less floor space than a chair
  • Slim figure after training! Rowing with the water rowing machine is one of the most successful forms of weight loss training – it is fun, the intensity can be changed quickly and it involves almost the whole body.
  • Ready, Steady, Go! Assemble and go – you don't have to adjust anything on the console: just press start and off you go!
  • American ashwood
  • Max. user-weight: 120 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - cardiostrong Natural Rower Rowing Machine: (L) 210 cm x (W) 56 cm x (H) 53 cm
    Folded - cardiostrong Natural Rower Rowing Machine: (L) 53 cm x (W) 56 cm x (H) 210 cm

Rowing - 99% as if on the water

The rowing with a water -wooden rowing machine actually feels like you were in a boat on the water. The shows when you move along, much as it would with the burbling of the water. The most important point is not just the resistance: this is progressive. This means the stronger or faster you pull, the higher the resistance will be, too. This is simply due to water having to be displaced. Exactly like on the water. Through this naturalness and the ability to manage the intensity well, training is effective.

Don't be fooled, however: On the cardiostrong Natural Rower machine is there also quite a high chance you'll get wet. Rowing can be a very intensive discipline and when the fat should be melting, the sweat just drops off. The only difference: with a water rowing machine, you can't ever capsize!

No bells or whistles - just the rowing, of course

With the Natural Rower, you can fully concentrate on the training. Here, nothing distracts you from training, no gadgets, no frills - just you, the rowing handle and the water . Sit down on the rowing machine, press Start on the clearly laid-out console and put your back into it!

The cardiostrong Natural Rower machine is made in such a way that you hear nothing but the water in the tank (and possibly the music from your headphones). The seat glides on four rubbered wheels over the parallel rails that offer high smooth running. Besides, this allows a closer foot position, which feels significantly more enjoyable during training .
cardiostrong Natural Rower Rowing Machine Awards

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